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Yes, it is possible to pay in PLN (zloty). Conversion rate: $1 = PLN 5 You pay via DAR PLN on the Home Page. My new favorite form of treatment is Healing Energy - by connecting with all 12 Dimensions in which we exist at the same time. I am Certified in "Interdimensional Healing of Self and Others". Something amazing! In addition to the Healing Energy, you can receive messages from other Dimensions that you request (up to approximately 3 weeks). I would highly recommend! Only 17 minutes via Skype or by phone (if via home connection), which, in addition to feeling better, will give you answers to your troubling questions. ATTENTION! Express Reading is possible - within 2-5 days: additional fee of 50% of the Reading value (for those who really care about time) Conversion rate: $1 = PLN 5

Healing Interdimensional Method 17 min. Possible payment in PLN

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