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Reiki Energy Healing is the dream of many. In this course, Reiki Level I and II, you will learn everything you need to transmit Healing Divine Energy according to the Reiki School to help yourself and your loved ones.


Meetings via Skype, in person with me, 4 weeks from 1 hour. on one day a week. I highly recommend it to anyone interested! The program includes: the history of Reiki, principles, the concept of the flow of Divine Energy, symbolism, chakras, methods of healing, initiations, how to heal yourself and your loved ones. Music and Meditation. Be prepared to take notes. Have paper and pen at hand.


It ends with receiving a Diploma of Level I and II of Reiki Healing Method.


You can pay in Polish zloty: $1 = PLN 5 via Dar PLN on the main website.

Reiki Energy Healing Course with Diploma - 4 weeks - Possible payment in PLN

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