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Each of us wonders: What is my Karma that I have to "process" in this Life? What Karmic Lessons? Do I have any Karmic Debt to pay?


Your name(s) and surname from the Birth Certificate and date of birth will indicate this.


Is it possible that you were not born with Karmic Lessons or Karmic Debt? It is there, but the chance is slim.


Reading on Video. 


You can pay in Polish zloty: $1 = PLN 4.50


ATTENTION! Express Reading is possible - within 2-5 days: additional fee of 50% of the Reading value (for those who are pressed for time)


NOVELTY! After purchasing the service, please send me a message via e-mail: so that I know the e-mail address at which I can contact you. PayPal does not provide this information (as before).

Reading - My Debts and Karmic Lessons: Do I Have Them and What Are They? On Video.

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