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Here it is possible to receive the messages that your Soul (Heart) is trying to convey to you so that you can be helped in making decisions - choosing a path - finding a solution or getting out of the situation - based on Who You Are in the Soul.


This Reading does not include answers to the questions: what to do/how to act now - in the current situation. Such suggestions - for now - are included in Reading with Soul Cards.


Here I am not asking for the name and surname from the Birth Certificate. SOUL Cards ONLY.


It's time to see through the eyes of the soul!


You don't even have to ask the question - your Soul knows it.

The reading will come in a video.


You can pay in Polish zloty: $1 = PLN 5 under DAR PLN on the main page.


ATTENTION! Express Reading is possible - within 2-5 days: additional fee of 50% of the Reading value (for those who are pressed for time)

What does your Soul want to tell you: from the SOUL Cards - in the video

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