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Here it is All what in the version without Soul Message+ what they want Soul Cards add more.


Your Soul - your Destiny - your Life Mission - your Main Signpost!


 Here you will learn about your Personality (at the Soul level) - Personal POWER - and what your Soul wants you to know.


Needed for Reading: Name(s) and surname from the Birth Certificate.


The price says: I gain Success - Abundance in Life Gifts (also Financially!); Angels' Hints: Live the Mission of Destiny!


If in Polish zloty: on the main page under Gift PLN - conversion rate.


$1 = PLN 5


ATTENTION! Express Reading is possible - within 2-5 days: additional fee of 50% of the Reading value (for those who are pressed for time)

What Your Soul Wants You to Know - with Soul Cards - in the Video.

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