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How to Connect Inter- Dimensionally? How To Heal and Get Answers 60 min.


I am Certified in Interdimensional Healing for Self and Others.

In 60 minutes you will gain a precious information, with me over Skype, how to Heal yourself and others using Interdimensional Healing technique. Also, you may use this to gain any information, at any time, to receive some answers from the other Dimensions that you desire (it may come up to 3 weeks). If you are a Healer presently, Reiki Practitioner, or you're simply very much into Healing - it's even better! It would be a step up for you! It works for anybody, though. Just show your interest, and it will be yours. Also: what is Torus, Aura, the Law of Attraction explained, Quantum Leaping, Black Hole, Death, 12 Dimensions.

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